KML-MUS06.6012.50C2 CAA Coated Bit ø6.0-18mm Up Cut (Esko Kongsberg BIT-MUS06-6012-50C2)

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Multi Purpose, Up-Cut 20° , Single Flute Coated.

Special variety of multi purpose milling bit, CAA premium coated for better performance and longer life time in different materials like aluminum and ACM.

One tooth flute Z1, CAA-Coated
Shank ø 6.0 mm / Total Length 50 mm
Milling ø 6.0 mm / Depth 18 mm  (Esko BIT-MUS06-6012-50C2 is 10 mm)

**CAA-coated by means of an high-tech ultra-hard micro-layer universally applicable, excluding V2A and V4A steel.

- High level wear resistance
- Significant increase of tool life compared to standard TC tools
- Improved tribological properties

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.

Esko Kongsberg: G42471748, 42471748, BIT-MUS06-6012-50C2

Recommended Material: Aluminum, ACM (DiBond), Synthetic Materials, Wood, Carbon Steels, Low-Alloy Steels, High-Alloy Steels, Grey Cast Iron (except V2A and V4A steel)