KML TZ129.Z73 HSS Blade (Kongsberg BLD-TZ129, Zund Z73)($4.75/pc)

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Original Martor Trapezoid HSS blade

Cutting depth approx. 17 mm
no. 42435636, BLD-TZ129 / Z73, 5005572
Packing: 10 blades/Pack

Super-trapezoid, deep-edged blade, used with the V-notch knife and the HD-knife tool. This blade is thicker and stiffer than standard trapezoid blades and will give a more 

Suitable for Machine Manufacturer: original blade no.

Elitron: 61329
Esko Kongsberg: G42435636, 42435636, BLD-TZ129
Zund:  Z73, 5005572
Summa: 500-9825

Recommended Materials:

Corrugated, Corrugated Plastic, Corrugated Sandwich, Foam Board, Carpet, Honeycomb, Fluted Core Board (Re-board, X-board, D-board, etc.)