KML BLD-SF421.Z21 TC Knife Blade (Esko BLD-SF421, Zund Z21)

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Cutting depth approx. 17.2 mm
No. 42458257, BLD-SF421 / (3910314, Z21)

Fine blade with low overcut. Designed for cutting small radii and intricate details.

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.

Colex: T00421
Esko Kongsberg: G42458257, 42458257, BLD-SF421
iEcho: E21
Summa: 500-0812, 500-9812
Zünd: 3910314, Z21

Recommended Materials:

Corrugated board, Corrugated plastic, Corrugated sandwich, Sandwich board, Foam board, Folding Carton, Magnetic foil, Polyester fabric, Rubber, Foam