KML-AUS06.2006.50 Acrylic Bit ø2.0-6mm Up Cut (Esko Kongsberg BIT-AUS06-2006-50)

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Acrylic (Super Sharp), Up-Cut, Single Flute Bit.

1 tooth with polished flute Z1

Shank ø 6.0 mm / Total Length 50 mm
Milling ø 2.0 mm / Depth 11 mm

Optimal cutting edge geometry and highest solid carbide fine grain quality,
special for milling PMMA and PC plastics on CNC milling machines.

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original milling bit no.

Esko Kongsberg: G42437897, 42437897, BIT-AUS06-2006-50, super sharp. 
Acrylic panels, PMMA, (Plexiglas®, Perspex®)