KML BLD-SR6313 TC Knife Blade 6°/32mm (Esko Kongsberg BLD-SR6313)

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Cutting depth approx. 35 mm 
no. 42443085, BLD-SR6313 (i-6116)
thickness of blade 1 mm / without tip

Blade for max. 35mm material thickness. 8* cutting angle enables fine details in a wider range of foam qualities, as well as 30mm Re-board. Flattened tip helps increase cutting speed and protect PVC cutting underlays

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.
Esko Kongsberg: G42443085, 42443085, BLD-SR6313, (i-6116)

Recommended Materials:
Foamboard w/ paper surface, polyethylene foam, soft foam board, foam materials, fluted core board (Re-board, X-board, D-board, etc.)