KML BLD-SR8180 TC Knife Blade 40° ø8mm (Esko Kongsberg BLD-SR8180)

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Cutting depth approx. 9.5 mm 
no. 34094466, BLD-SR8180

Similar to BLD-SR8160. The blunter angle reduces the risk for breaking the blade in tough materials, but gives more overcut with thicker materials.  Lag value is 4mm.

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.
Esko Kongsberg: G34094466, 34094466, BLD-SR8180

Recommended Materials:
Various plastic corrugated board materials, tough materials, gasket material, gasket, foamed PVC / PS (Forex®, Sintra®), display carton/ corrugated plastic, solid carton, tough paper-based materials, rubber.