KML-MUS06.3012.50C1 TC Coated Bit ø3.0-12 mm Up Cut (Esko Kongsberg BIT-MUS06-3006-50C1)

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Multi Purpose, Up-Cut 30°, Single Flute Coated.

Special variety of multi purpose milling bit, coated for better performance with different materials like aluminum and ACM.

One tooth flute Z1, CKA-Coated
Shank ø 6.0 mm / Total Length 50 mm
Milling ø 3.0 mm / Depth 12mm  *(Esko BIT-MUS06-3006-50C1 is 5mm)

- High level wear resistance
- Significant increase of tool life compared to standard TC tools
- Improved tribological properties

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.

Esko Kongsberg: G42451104, 42451104, BIT-MUS06-3006-50C1, Esko BIT-MUS06-3006-50C2

Recommended Material: Aluminum, ACM