KML-MUS06.3014.50 TC Bit ø3.0-14 mm Up Cut (Esko Kongsberg BIT-MUS06-3014-50)

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Multi purpose bit, up-cut 24°, single flute bit

Optimal cutting edge geometry and highest solid carbide fine grain quality,
special for milling PMMA and PC plastics on CNC milling machines.

One tooth with polished flute Z1
Shank ø 6.0 mm / Total Length 50 mm
Milling ø 3.0 mm / Depth 14 mm

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.

Esko Kongsberg: G42459537, 42459537, BIT-MUS06-3014-50, Multifunction milling bit
Aluminum, ACM, Plastics, Wood, MDF, Foamed PVC, (Forex®, Sintral®)