KMV BLD-DR8260A TC Asymmetric Blade ( Esko Kongsberg BLD-DR8260A)

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Cutting depth approx. 6.5 mm
42461996, BLD-DR8260A
Asymmetrical Cut, Blade tip arrow grinding: 0.5-1.0

Optimized for a nice cut, the asymmetrical cut ploughs the material only to one side. Cut control function required.

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.
Esko Kongsberg: G42461996, 42461996, BLD-DR8260A

Recommended Materials:
PVC plate, corrugated plastic, display carton, solid board, flexible PVC, flexo clicheés and plates (Cyrel®), foamed PVC / PS (Forex®, Sintra®), folding carton, lenticular display panels, magnetic foil, Polycarbonate, PC (Lexan®), Polypropylene (plastic), gasket material.