KMV BLD-SF216.Z16C Coated TC (Esko BLD-SF216C2, Zund Z16)

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Cutting depth approx. 8 mm
No.. 42441212/BLD-SF216, 42475749/BLD-SF216C2 / (3910306), Zund Z16  

Adaptation with additional TIN coating to increase the performance. Due to the anti-stick property and improved transfer of frictional heat, the service life can be increased, additional improvement of wear and scratch resistance.

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.

Colex: T00335
Esko Kongsberg: T16, G42441212, 42441212, BLD-SF216, (i-216), 42475749, BLD-SF216C2
Gerber MCT: SE16
iEcho: E16 
Mécanuméric: 100610440
Zünd: Z16, 3910306

Recommended Materials:
Folding Carton, Magnetic foil, Canvas, Self-adhesive Vinyl, Reflective Vinyl, PVC Banner, Paper, Polyester Fabric, Foam, Gasket Materials.