KMV BLD-SR6307 TC Knife Blade (Esko Kongsberg BLD-SR6307)

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Cutting depth approx. 22 mm VHM7
No. 42441634, BLD-SR6307, (i-7707)

Less over-cut than the BLD-SR6310 but is more slender, and may deliver a less accurate cut on curves when cutting heavy board grades

Suitable for machine manufacturer: original blade no.
Esko Kongsberg: G42441634, 42441634, BLD-SR6307, (i-7707)

Recommended Materials:

Fluted core board (Re-board, X-board, D-board, etc.), Honeycomb, triple wall corrugated board, rigid paper-based materials

Special feature:
Slimmer blade for finer work and less overlap, less material displacement in the curve cut. Less load on the cutting module and avoiding conical shape when cutting rounding.