Steel Washer (Dia 1.125"x 0.125"T) Match Dia 1.125" Steel Cups (Pack of 10, $1.90/pc)

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Steel Washer (Dia 1.125"x0.125"T) w/ #10 Flat-Head Screw Countersunk Hole 

Designed for use with our:

SKU#: 28401.000.125CUP10
Steel Cup (Dia 1.125"x0.25"T) w/ #10 Flat-Head Screw Countersunk Hole

SKU#: 28401.000.125

Dia. 1"x1/8"T, Neodymium Magnet


QTY/Price: Pack of 10 ($1.90/pc.), Pack of 50 ($1.66/pc.)

** Please contact us for volume discount. **

 SKU#: 28401.000.125WSR10